Escape the Vault | Brighton Escape Room
Ever wanted to rob a bank? Brighton's newest Escape Room gives you the chance to try. Grab your cash and book your tickets!


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the age limitations for Escape the Vault? +

The youngest age allowed to do the escape room is 10. Anyone under 14 needs an accompanying adult.

What do I need to take part? +

A charged smartphone. We will give you everything else you might need.

How long does it take? +

You have 40 minutes to Escape the Vault.

How much does it cost? +

£12 per person, or £40 for a group of four.

Where is it? +

Escape the Vault is in PresumingEd cafe located at: 114-115 London Road, BN1 4JG Brighton.

Do I need a booking? +

Yes a booking is required, but they can be made up to an hour before taking part with availability.

How many people can take part in one session? +

Between 1 and 4 people, but if a party of 4 people under 14 are taking part, an accompanying adult can also take part (free of charge).

What is a Brighton Partner on the booking page? +

Brighton partners are Brighton businesses that have received an Escape the Vault discout card allowing them to have discounted tickets.

Can I book a party? +

Yes, get in contact with us via the contact form or call us at: +44 7878140692.

There is also a VR cafe upstairs which can booked in conjunction with Escape the Vault for more fun.

Are there refreshments at Escape the Vault? +

Escape the Vault is based in PresumingEd, a cafe that offers a sushi bar as well as cakes, hot drinks, craft beers and sandwiches served over the coffee counter.

How hard is this escape room? +

This is an entry level escape room, ideal for those who want a first escape room experience, but is also entertaining for escape room veterans.

Is it wheelchair friendly? +

Yes we cater for people who require wheelchairs.

Which charities do you support? +

We currently support Mind, Cancer Research and VYD.